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Diagnosing anaemia from smartphones; non-invasive, inexpensive, and fast.

We develop direct on smartphone and clip-on devices for consumers and medical service providers to measure haemoglobin. Anaemia is the number one cause of burden-free years lost worldwide (WHO), with 1 in 3 people having anaemia. However, diagnosis requires drawing blood, which is invasive, costly, requires specialised staff and equipment, and is slow… we’re changing that.


No blood test


No need for specialised staff


No waiting for results

Maximiliane Ekert


Maximiliane is a master student of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Neuropsychology at the VU Amsterdam. She has a background in psychology with a focus on cognitive neuroscience. She is currently working on her thesis concerning the practical application of Conversational AI, i.e. chatbots. Within the Startup she is responsible for strategic business intelligence and customer relations. 

Andrew Harrison


Andrew is a master student of Artificial Intelligence at the UvA possessing a wide academic background in Psychology, Business,  International Relations and Computer Science. He is an experienced business consultant, product manager and operations manager. Within the Startup his focus is on Agile project management, business requirements gathering, and client implementation.

Rahul Kumar


Rahul is starting soon at ASML as an Optics Design Engineer in the Mechatronics and Measurement Department. He was recently a researcher working on integrating optics and AI to improve the precision of cancer surgery at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Within the Startup his focus is on product prototyping for AI based solutions. Additionally, he also supports market research and business development.

Mathias Parisot


Mathias is a master student of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam. He has Bachelor degrees in Engineering and Computer Science, and was one of only ten yearly recipients of the Holland Society Young Talent Incentive Award. He has Software Engineering internships at AWS and Optiver. Within the Startup he focuses on AI model training and development, data pipelines and software engineering.

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